Retreat Customization

The Stay Experience at Lotus Villa 418 is a traditional resort experience where you stay at our hotel for your trip, during which you enjoy all the amenities and offerings that our resort has available.

The Social Experience at Lotus Villa 418 is an all-day experience during which you enjoy all of the amenities and offerings that our Villa has available.

Why not accommodate a sense of comfort

A perfect backdrop for your private soiree, a weekend break, a corporate get together, a wellness retreat, a couple retreat, a personal retreat, a water conference or a BBQ Sunday Brunch. With all its carefully conceived facilities and services,  Our connoisseur of services gives new expression to Jade Retreats  Hospitality’s flair for innovation, tradition and a sublime connect.

Because we want you happy!!

The key to any surprise, of course, is keeping it secret, but the most important thing is to make it special.

Our team of experts can help you in planning and execution of surprises, togetherness & connectedness for your loved ones, social friends or a corporate Event planning!

Meet our Chief Happy Officer to know more!


Air Conditioning

Separate 4 Living Rooms with Bath


24/7 Hot Water



Mineral Bottle Water

Power Backup

Property Information

4 Large Bedrooms

Furnished Hall with Dining Area

Furnished Kitchenette

Garden Sit Out & Green fields

Servant Quarters

Parking Space

1 to 8 people for Accommodation / Stay

1 to 8 people for Accommodation / Stay


Situated near Bangalore Airport, Villa WhitE8 is a luxurious homestay in Bangalore by Jade

Retreats, we prioritize the exclusivity and comfort of our guests above all else.
Guests staying at Villa WhitE8 can be rest assured that they are in for a highly-customized
and highly-personalized experience wherein they can enjoy the retreat as true home away
from home. Villa WhitE8 also offers a host of useful services for our guests to avail and enjoy
as a part of the Jade Experience.
Here at the retreat, we have taken every measure possible to ensure that the accommodations
available serve not simply as temporary shelter, but rather as an enjoyable abode unto itself.
Stay with us at our spacious 4-BHK Villa with a private lawn for a unique & uninterrupted


The 4-BHK Villa at Jade Gardens guarantees a quaint and comfortable stay during your time in Bangalore! Designed to serve as a true home away from home, the 4-BHK Villa provides you with an exclusive and luxurious experience unlike any other!

• Candle Light Dinner

• Live Cooking Setup

• Movie Watching Experience

• Photoshoot / Video Shoot

• Guest Musician

• Proposals / Surprise Planning

• Birthday Celebration

• Anniversary Celebration

• After Party

• Bachelorette

• Chill Out All & Other Experiences are a possibility with consent from Jade Management


Stay Experience @ 30,000*

( for up to 8 people )

Visit and experience Villa WhitE8 in true style when you choose the Stay Experience.

Social Experience @ 2,500* per person

( for minimum group of 8 to max 24 people / 8 hours Social )

The Social Experience at Villa WhitE8 is an all-day or an evening experience during which you enjoy all of the amenities and offerings that our Villa has available.

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Reservation Number :080 30695318 | 7090663366 | 7090683366 | 7090673366