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We feel great in a sterling form of living and believe in a new everyday. We  provide exclusive experiences committed to our customers, you!

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Provide unparalleled retreat experiences with beauty wrapped in proprietary memories with trust where we love to do & you like to be!


Choose your retreat from a range of styles and locations that provide you tranquility and a connect with nature. Satiate your every need – we are here to help!

Why not accommodate a sense of comfort

A perfect backdrop for your private soiree, a weekend break, a corporate get together, a wellness retreat, a couple retreat, a personal retreat, a water conference or a BBQ Sunday Brunch. With all its carefully conceived facilities and services,  Our connoisseur of services gives new expression to Jade Retreats  Hospitality’s flair for innovation, tradition and a sublime connect.

Because we want you happy!!

The key to any surprise, of course, is keeping it secret, but the most important thing is to make it special.

Our team of experts can help you in planning and execution of surprises, togetherness & connectedness for your loved ones, social friends or a corporate Event planning!

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We at Jade Retreats personally amplify your culinary experience with passion and dedication – creating a memorable experience for each and every event.


Subscribe to a personalized wellness session, be it a personal yoga secession, or a fitness regimen or even a personal pampering session with a massage or even our automated spa plans without human interface.


Jade Retreats is a platform which can host a private entertainment experience, be it your kind of music or artist performances, which is legitimate. You call for the performance, and we enable that performance for you, as personal as you like.

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We love communicating with you and translate your desire into reality. Our key aim is to satisfy your every whim and fancy, with our inspired staff. We’re listening!

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Welcome to us!

At Jade Retreats -we offer proprietary experience towards unification of mind, body and soul -be it wellness, entertainment or culinary spread. The idea of a resort like experience in a personal space is what we uniquely conceptualized at Jade Retreats -bringing in elements of nature and tranquility to your personal space.

A connect to nature this way, as an expression of self as sworn by our customers. We provide customized experiences with focus on food, wellness and entertainment. Our range of retreats promise unparalleled experience -for instance, a choice of customizing one’s culinary experience, where the guest can choose the cuisine and the chef from our service directory.  The Idea is to provide any legitimate experience which can be asked for.

Jade Retreats –An experience that is proprietary!





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